Whole & Complete 2021- The June Serenity Series

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by Roberta Whitney Hughes, founder of PeaceFull Living and PeaceFull Living TV.

Most of us spend too much time longing for the things we don’t have. As a result, we spend too little time celebrating the wholeness of our lives. Feeling whole and complete comes from within. You have the ability to manifest wholeness. By learning techniques that separate you from the noise of the modern world, you learn to get quiet and listen to your heart. 

The June 2021 Serenity Series, Whole and Complete, offers four videos to inspire you to get quiet and celebrate the wholeness of your life. 

Gentle Yoga- Balanced and Grounded

Offering the intention I am content with all that I have; my life is full, this class offers standing postures like mountain, chair, and sunflower to help you get grounded. You will explore finding balance with twisting chair pose and eagle. Your energy will soar at the end of this class, leaving you with a feeling of contentment.

Yin Yoga- Stomach and Spleen

Offering the intention I am whole and complete in the center of my being, yin yoga brings the opportunity to explore physical sensations. Awareness of sensations allows you will to welcome all sensations as they come. This practice teaches you to make peace with all sensations, those that are challenging and those that are easy.

Zen Break- Contentment

A Zen Break is a short “time out” to help you center, breathe, and release stress. To practice this Zen Break, you can sit in a chair, stand, or lie down. As you listen, you will explore the difference between the feeling of contentment and the feeling of longing in your body. With the awareness of both feelings, you will learn to bring the feeling of contentment into your heart anytime you choose it.

Guided Meditation- Whole and Complete 2021

Guided Meditation has many restorative benefits including improved focus, better sleep, and healthier relationships. In this Guided Meditation, you will take a journey to a beautiful rose garden. Here, you will feel the soft grass beneath your bare feet, listen to the birds singing all around you, and smell the sweet scent of rose blossoms. Soak in the warmth of the sun and delight in the beauty of the rose garden. This is your time to celebrate the wholeness of your life.

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