Making Room for Fear

I think we can all agree that things are not okay in this moment of time. We have suddenly become a global community sharing extraordinary circumstances. As uncertainty continues to escalate, the most important thing we can do is make time to process our emotions.

In an effort to do this, I carved out extra time for meditation, prayer and Yin Yoga. When I opened up the Insight Timer app, I found words of comfort by Elizabeth (Liz) Gilbert.  As I listened to her talk, Facing Fear with Compassion, I realized that as much as I wanted to be strong and remain calm, I was also feeling afraid.

I listened intently as Liz described how she manages fear. When fear comes up, she writes herself a letter from Love. She writes to herself and tells herself all of the things she needs to hear. Inspired by her practice, I wanted to give it a try.

I took out my journal, turned to a clean page and wrote “Dear Roberta” at the top. Not knowing how to begin, I remembered Liz saying to let the words come. So I began to practice Yin Yoga, keeping my journal and pen near. Before long, the words came to me. I wrote them down, continued to practice, and soon the tears began to flow. It felt good to give myself this time.  More importantly, as the fear flowed through me, I actually started to feel better.

Today, I am sharing my letter from Love. My hope is that you can speak these words to your own heart. As you read them, imagine they are coming from your deepest source of strength. Perhaps my words will comfort you just as they comforted me.

Letter from Love

Dear Heart,

I am here for you. I will hold you and comfort you and be here with you. It is okay to be afraid.

Cry your tears. Cry every single one of them. It’s okay. I know you want to help, and I know you want to keep your family and friends safe and healthy. I love you, and I am here for you. 

It’s okay to feel worried and angry. I am here to love you no matter what. There is nothing you can do to change that. There is nothing you can do that will take my love away.

Be kind to yourself. You are not alone. I feel you; I see you. I’m here to hold you, and I will sit with you. I will be with you every step of the way. I’m right here.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do. It’s okay. Give yourself permission to be afraid. That’s it, just breathe. Take a deep breath. I’ve got you. You are not alone. Fear is here, and I am here, too. I love you.

Let yourself be mad, angry, and sad. Let it all out. I can take it, and I will be strong for you. I’m not going anywhere. I love you.

I don’t have the answers. What I have is love. I am here to love you through it all.

Your Friend,


NOTE: You can find Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk Facing Fear with Compassion on Insight Timer and listen to it for free. If you choose to write your own letter from Love, please share it with me in the comments.

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