Your Peaceful Place


There is a peaceful place that lives inside each one of us. Peace lives inside of you, and it lives inside of me, too. When conditions challenge us, our peaceful place becomes more elusive. Trust me when I say it is still there inside of you.

Just like you train your muscles to run, exercise, and lift things, you can train your mind to connect to your peaceful place. With practice, even under the toughest of circumstances, you will be able to find your peaceful place. From this place, you will be more able to create the life you want for yourself.

How to Practice Training Your Mind

  • Become aware of your thoughts. The first step in training your mind is becoming aware of your thoughts. With awareness, you will begin to understand all of the things your mind likes to do like thinking, planning, daydreaming, creating, judging, and more. 
  • Notice your mind’s patterns. Most of us have a theme we play over and over again in our minds. As you become more aware of what your mind likes to do, you may recognize a pattern. For example, my mind likes to organize and plan things. While it also likes to do other things, planning is my mind’s grandest theme. Can you recognize your theme?
  • Become aware of your breath. This where you can separate the thinking mind from the still mind. When your mind is connected to any part of the breath, it is not doing anything else. It actually is not possible for the mind to be focused on the breath AND thinking about something else at the same time. Give it a try! So you see, your mind is either aware of the breath or doing something else. 
  • Stay with breath and come back when you notice you have drifted off to something else. This is where you get to practice! Once you can connect the mind to the breath, you have options. When the mind is thinking, wandering and creating stress, you can actually choose to connect to the breath instead. Each time you let go of your thoughts and shift awareness to your breath, you strengthen the minds ability to become still.  

It is in stillness that your thinking mind will disappear. As the thinking mind disappears, you will begin to see a glimmer of your peaceful place. Over time, that glimmer will get bigger and you will be able to find your peaceful place regardless of conditions.

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    I think there is a great deal to say.

    For a minute I thought you were going to talk about God and how being with him brings peace.

    I also thought that you were going to talk about how being with others in quiet places and doing nothing but being with each other brings peace.

    There is more and hopefully I can remember later.

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