The Love Yourself Promise

The Love Yourself Mission Statement

This is for ALL the mamas. Those who have kissed away tears and cleaned tiny bottoms. The ones who have grown a life and the ones who have poured their heart into a life. The mamas who have caught the falls and steadied the fumbles. Those who have hugged, kissed, and cried a thousand tears. The mamas who will cry a thousand more and smile ten thousand times more. We see you. We feel you. We are here to inspire you to love yourself, to move yourself up your list and celebrate the beautiful mama you already are. We already know you are exceptional, amazing, and a gift to all who know you. Now it’s time for you to feel it and believe it, too Let’s take this journey together, one step at a time. For the next 28 days, we will inspire you, celebrate you, love you as you step into your greatness and #loveyourself28. We promise. Roberta Whitney Hughes

Blog by Roberta Whitney Hughes- Founder of PeaceFull Living and PeaceFull Living TV

Shortly after New Year’s Day, I reached out to my friend, Brandi Milloy from my favorite podcast Momhood Show, with an idea for a challenge. Only, I didn’t want to use the word challenge because it felt too much like duty. After thirty minutes on the phone together, Brandi I had set the foundation for The Love Yourself Promise. Our ideas included:

  • 28 days of self-love to inspire all moms to put themselves first
  • create a calendar that moms can download and follow as a reminder to put themselves first
  • begin The Love Yourself Promise on February 1, 2021.
  • encourage moms to take the journey with us and to post and share their stories along the way

Creating the Calendar

I walked away from my phone call with Brandi feeling excited and inspired. As I spent time creating the calendar, I began to feel overwhelmed. How was I going to do this all by myself? I asked Brandi if she would like to help by adding some of content. Brandi said “yes.” Then she suggested inviting more moms to participate. This was the inspiration I was looking for all along! I didn’t want to do this all by myself. It felt exciting to link arms with as more moms and share a journey of self-love together.

I am filled with gratitude for Brandi’s support in shaping The Love Yourself Promise. I am beyond excited to share our beautiful calendar, mission statement, and promise.

Thank you to Our Special Contributors

As we begin this journey, please join me in gratitude for all of the moms who have raised their hand to offer content, activities, and inspiration to The Love Yourself Promise. You will find our guest hosts on @momhoodshow and @roberta_peacefullliving. I have included links to their profiles. Show them some love, and follow them on Instagram.

Roberta Whitney Hughes- @roberta_PeaceFullLiving and @robertawhughes

  • Create Your Peaceful Place
  • Love Notes to Yourself
  • Take a Walk in Nature
  • Zen Break
  • Get Cozy and Post Your Favorite Blanket
  • Positive Affirmations with Brandi
  • Child’s Pose to Restore Your Energy
  • Guided Meditation
  • Candlelight Time
  • Love Yourself Jar
  • Yoga with Kids


Brandi Milloy @momhoodshow and @brandimilloy

  • Harmony tea LIVE with Roberta 
  • Love Letter to Your Younger Self
  • Valentine Treats
  • Carpet Picnic
  • Citrus Infused Water


Orly Shani @momhoodshow and @orlyshani

  • DIY Pillow Spray
  • Journaling for You
  • Style a Robe to go Out


Megan Gilley @megan_gilley_

  • DIY Sugar & Spice Scrub


Maria Provenzano @fromscratchwithmaria

  • Lemony Burrata Pasta


Skylar Edberg @the_foodartist

  • DIY Chocolate Balloon


Chia-Ming @coastal_homestead

  • Grow & Sip Herbal Tea


Bree @house.0f.stone

  • DIY Bath Bombs


Rogue&Fox @rogueandfox

  • Tropical Table Piece to Beat the Winter Blues


Karen DeGrazio @seathewellness

  • DIY Face Mask


Scroll down for the full calendar of events.

How to Join the Journey

Make the Promise on Instagram and post on your grid or story. Be sure to tag @momhoodshow and @roberta_PeaceFullLiving

Share the Promise. Invite all the beautiful mamas you know to join our community and walk this journey with us.

Post and share your journey as you dedicate the next 28 days to moving yourself up your list and loving yourself. Use #loveyourself28 and #loveyourselfMH.

The Love Yourself Promise Calendar



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