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With Governor Polis’ decision to graduate from a Stay at Home order to Safer at Home, many businesses are slowly beginning to re-open with strict safety guidelines. While I am happy that our economy can take the first steps to opening up again, I am a bit hesitant to jump back into life as we knew it just six weeks ago.

Seven short weeks ago, I looked at the COVID-19 data on the website for the first time and saw the number 272. There were 272 cases of COVID-19 in the state of Colorado. Today when I looked at the data, the number of cases had climbed to 13,879. While new cases are still being reported each day, I am feeling reticent as we transition into Safer at Home.

From the first day of quarantine, I chose to take a cautious approach to how I do things. I now have a few routines that help keep me and my family healthy and safe. As we shift into Safer at Home, I plan to keep these routines in place:

Grocery Shopping

I only go to the store when necessary. I have been diligent about keeping a list and only shopping once a week. Part of this choice is based on the fact that it takes so much effort to go shopping. Before leaving the house, I put on clothes that I can easily toss in the washer when I get home.

As I head to the store wearing a mask, I take wipes with me.I wipe down the cart at the store, even if they say they have already wiped them. Before placing items into the cart, I wipe them down. When an aisle looks crowded, I wait to go down or change my route. After I finish shopping, I use the self checkout. I wipe down all of the surfaces including the touch screen and credit card machine. When I get to my car, I wipe down each bag before putting it into my trunk. After putting the cart away, I use hand sanitizer then get into my car.

At home, I bring all of the bags into the laundry room. I spray my shoes with Lysol, take them off and wash my hands. After carrying the groceries into the kitchen, I put them away then head for the shower. My clothes and mask go directly into the wash. I wash them in hot water and dry them on the “sanitize” setting. By the time I am finished, I am exhausted and have no desire to go back to the store until it is absolutely necessary.

Receiving Packages at Home

When packages arrive on my doorstep, I spray the boxes with Lysol before bringing them into the house. I open the box by the front door and wipe down each item. I put the box into the recycling, then wash my hands.

Getting Takeout

We have done our best to support local restaurants during the quarantine. Once a week we will order takeout, and I am grateful for curbside pick up. I wear a mask and don’t get out of my car. When I get home, I wipe down the bags before bringing them inside. In the laundry room, I wipe down each individual item. After taking the food containers into the kitchen, I wash my hands. I plate the food and throw the containers into the trash or recycling immediately. I wash my hands again before sitting down to eat with my family.

As people begin to get out more, I will continue to watch the data. When the number of cases begins to level off, I will feel better about returning to some of the things I haven’t been able to do for the past six weeks. Until then, I am quite content staying Safer at Home with my family. We are all healthy and safe, and I want nothing more than to keep it that way. 

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    Ljilja Whitney
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    Reading your post I am so great full that you and
    Our grandsons are ok, also John and his boys
    All safe. Keep doing what you do to keep safe and healthy.🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

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