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As cold and flu season prepare to crash our COVID-19 party, I have been thinking about ways to boost my immune system. Typically, I invest time everyday in practices that support my immune system. This year, I might need to step it up a notch. In case you are looking for ways to support your immune system, I thought I could share my practices with you.

Active Practices

Yoga– A regular yoga practice can reduce stress and inflammation in the physical body. Practicing yoga supports the immune system by moving lymph, improving circulation, and encouraging deeper breathing and healthy lung functions. 

Pilates– The classical Pilates matwork, created by Joseph Pilates, includes a series of movements that “pump” lymph through our body. Lymph has a tendency to collect in the groin, neck and armpits. The longer lymph sits in one place, the more bacteria is able to collect. Bacteria increases our risk of infection and can tax the immune system. 

Yoga Nidra– Stress wears down the immune system. Yoga Nidra taps into the body’s innate ability to heal. A guided session activates the parasympathetic nervous system and helps the body rest, restore, and heal.

Meditation– A regular meditation practice (even just two minutes a day) benefits the mind and body greatly. Meditation trains the mind to be less reactive, improving our ability to manage and cope with stressful situations. The lower our stress response, the healthier our immune system.

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Wellness Rituals

Daily Supplements: Oregano Oil, Vitamin D-3 and B-12– I have been using this combination of supplements for several years to boost my energy level and immune system. Prior to taking these three supplements, I would get frequent colds and sinus infections.

Epsom Salt Baths– Epsom salt contains magnesium and is known to treat pain, swelling, and inflammation in the body. In the same respect, epsom salts pull toxins out of the body. A weekly bath can assist in removing toxins that may tax the lymphatic system and weaken immunity.

Netti Pot– When bacteria gets trapped in the sinus cavity, we have a higher chance of infection. Infection weakens the immune system. A daily nasal rinse opens up the sinuses, improves breathing, and removes allergens and bacteria.

Flu Shot– I realize the flu shot is controversial. I have been getting the shot most of my life and believe there is value in it. Having a small dose of the virus administered into my body helps my immune system fight it. I get my shot every Fall before cold and flu season begins.

Practices I Added Because of COVID-19

Self-Massage and Dry Brushing– Self massage and dry brushing move lymph through the body and help release toxins. I use one of these practices at least once a week prior to a hot bath or shower.

Gua Sha– This technique also moves lymph. I perform a ten minute ritual on my chest, neck and face every morning to help flush the lymph and improve circulation. 

More Daily Supplements: Selenium and Zinc– My doctor said these two supplements combined have proven to be effective in fighting COVID-19. I have added them into my daily mix to support my immune system and increase my ability to fight COVID.

Practices I May Add for Fall/Winter 2020-2021

Steam Treatments– My doctor said that heat and steam will kill the COVID-19 virus while it is in the nose. I am considering adding regular steam treatments to my weekly ritual during  cold and flu season, especially on days when I have been out in public.

Limit Outings– The best way to stay healthy at this time is to limit my exposure to viruses.  Reducing the amount of time I spend out in public will reduce my chances of exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses. When I am out and about, I will continue to wear a mask and wash my hands frequently.

The common theme here is to do what you can to move lymph and support your lymphatic system. The better the lymphatic system functions, the stronger your immune system. If you want to explore any of the options above to boost your immune system, be sure to visit with your doctor to make sure the practices will benefit you. 

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