Genuine Gifts

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Oftentimes as Thanksgiving Day fades, we immediately turn to the excitement of Christmas. Rather than putting all of our energy into one day in December, let’s make each day a celebration. This month, join me in a new practice. Spend a little time discovering your genuine gifts then share them each day with yourself and others. 

Discover Your Gifts

If you aren’t used to coming up with positive things to say about yourself, this may not be an easy task. Give yourself a little grace and believe that you can do this. It is so important to be able to name all of the wonderful qualities that make you special.

To begin, think about someone who loves you unconditionally. How would that person describe you? Write down all of the words that come to mind. Now, think about a good friend. The friend you can always count on no matter what happens. What would your friend say about you? Write down all of the words that come to mind. You now have a list of your genuine gifts. Let all of the words on the page soak in as the truth.

Genuine Gifts Journal

At the beginning or end of each day, spend some time reflecting on your genuine gifts. You will use this list each day to create a Genuine Gifts Journal. For your daily journal entry, choose one of the words from your list. In your journal, write this sentence:

“I embody the genuine gift of _______________________.” Fill in the blank with the word you have chosen.

Now, list five ways you embody this gift. Think about things you have done recently where you have modeled your gift.

Here’s an example: “I embody the genuine gift of kindness.”

  1. I brought my neighbor’s packages inside to make sure they were safe.
  2. I let the person behind me check out first in the grocery line.
  3. I reached out to a friend I hadn’t heard from in awhile to make sure she was okay.
  4. I apologized for hurting my friend’s feelings.
  5. I put snacks on my porch for the UPS, FedEx, and Amazon delivery drivers.

Create Your Intention for the Day

Your intention can be a simple statement that reminds you of your genuine gift. Having an intention gives you a reminder to return to even when things become stressful or busy. When your spirits are low, or if you are being hard on yourself, recall your intention to reset your focus.

Here are a few examples of an intention:

I am kind.

I show up with kindness.

I offer unconditional kindness to myself and others.

When you create your intention, choose words that are easy to remember. Then, write your intention in your journal; read it out loud three times to yourself. As you go about your day, let your intention be the one thing you come back to over and over again. Remind yourself that regardless of conditions, your intention is the truth.

Notice how you feel about yourself as you acknowledge your genuine gifts and put them into practice. My hope is that this practice will allow you to celebrate all of the qualities that make you special.

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