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Instead of  a New Years’ Resolution, I created an intention for 2020 – Be Light.

Light, as a noun, means that I am a person or source who helps make things visible. In this sense, my intention means I will show up as Light in my life so that I can also be a Light for the people I love and interact with each day . 

Light, as an adjective, asks that I show up and Be Lighter in my personality, behavior and approach to life and situations. To Be Lighter means that I am more gentle, cheerful, and less weighted in how I show up for myself and others. 

After creating my intention, I began to reflect on the places in my life where being a Light and being Lighter would create peace and balance. In the weeks ahead, I will share with you how I intend to Be Light in my life. By sharing my practices and experiences, I aim to feel more joy and love in each day.

I invite you to embark on this journey with me. Here is a small peek into what I will share:

Be Light in Scheduling 

Being over scheduled makes me less productive and quite grouchy. Therefore, I will practice keeping space in my schedule. Space will give me more room to breathe, to live, and to be inspired by creativity.

Be Light in Communication

Relationships can feel heavy when I forget to communicate openly and honestly. In times of disagreement, especially when my feelings get hurt, I tend to withdraw. This year, I will practice communicating with compassion, listening with empathy, and advocating for my needs in all relationships.

Be Light in Nutrition

Slipping into phases of indulgence can be easy for me in the Winter. Spring is the perfect time to lighten the load and treat my body well again. Beginning with nutrition, what will happen when I choose what to eat and drink with an intention of being Light? What would that feel like in my physical body? Are there other actions I can take to feel Light and healthy?

Be Light with Stress Management

Self care is the current trend; it even has it’s own hashtag! I am not sure when managing stress became congruent with self care, but the big emphasis on self care actually causes me stress. Instead of focusing on filling my calendar with more things to “do” to reduce stress, my intention is to weave tiny threads of stress management into the fabric of each day.

Be Light at Home

This is a place where I naturally excel. By instinct, I keep my home organized and free of clutter so that energy can flow. Clutter smothers free space and feels heavy to me. I bring Light into spaces by purging the things I no longer need, then by recycling or donating items that take up space without a purpose. I love to find a home for the things I cherish and use often. Returning things to their home when I’m not using them, keeps surfaces clear and creates healthy space in the home.

Be Light in Spirit

A Light spirit is a joyful spirit. I will invite joy and love into my life by letting go of the past and making peace with the things that weigh heavy on my Spirit. Joy and love are abundant for me when I spend time alone in nature, prayer, journaling and meditation.

Be Light in Thinking

A gratitude practice shifts my mindset from negative thinking to positive thinking. As easy as it may be to let my mind get crowded with thoughts of worry, negative self talk, and judgement, I will be disciplined in offering gratitude each day. Before my feet touch the floor in the morning, I plan to fill my mind with five things I am grateful for to lift my mood for the day. 

I look forward to the practice of bringing more Light into my life and sharing my discoveries with you! Share your discoveries with me by adding comments to the blog or sending me an email.

Until next week when I share more about how I am doing with being Lighter in Scheduling…

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    Given that this is tax prep time, again, I am wondering how to bring lightness to the collection of forms and data to get things to the tax person in time.

    I tend to put the above process off because it feels heavy to go through all the files my month and see the past choices I made or the capital gains that were created and maybe I should have not sold that and if I had not sold it, it would be worth more now! It is a self-chastising, fist fight with the past and this creates heaviness for me. And, of course I put it off.

    My making the past mean something negative about my choices and thereby me, I just add the heaviness, rather than simply accounting for the past. It is another experience with the “report card,” already knowing I could have done better.

    Heavy boots stopping through the heavy snow, to go to a funeral. Tip-toeing through the tulips is not possible when I create the whipping post.

    How do I bring lightness to this??

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