Creating the Life You Want

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The map you choose will determine the quality of your journey and its ultimate destination.” Author Unknown

It is interesting, but not surprising, how much I have read about creating what we want while we are in quarantine. Slowing down has shifted the collective mindset from “How can I fill my time?” to “What do I want to do with my time?” With plenty of time on our hands, we have the privilege and opportunity to create how we want our lives to look and feel.

The truth is there are many people suffering right now because of the virus. There are also many of us who are healthy and safe. We have the ability to be at home working and caring for our families. While some things may be uncertain and inconvenient, we wake up each day with the ability to create the life we have always wanted. How many of us are taking this opportunity? How many of us are spending the time consumed with anger, fear and monotony?

This week I have chosen to shift my mindset. I have chosen to see sheltering in place as a gift and a blessing. I am dedicating my time to work that I love, to strengthening relationships that matter, and to finding creative ways to thrive in these extraordinary conditions. Although some days I can feel the uncertainty, I remind myself that I am home with my family and we are healthy and safe. I am thankful that we are finding new ways to work together, learn together, and thrive together. 

If you have been afraid, worried, or depressed about all of the ways our lives have been impacted by this virus, this is the week to choose what you want for your life. This is the week to thrive. Doing so will require that you create an intention, give yourself grace and practice with persistence. 

Create an Intention

Your intention will be your roadmap. To create your intention, imagine what you want for your life. Fill in every detail with your imagination. Once your image is clear, create the words that describe it. Write your intention down as though it is already happening. Keep your words in a place where you can see them as often as possible. Let your intention be the source that guides your choices and keeps you connected to your deepest desire, even when doubt shows up.

Give Yourself Grace

Creating your intention and saying it as the truth is only the beginning. Allow yourself the space to make mistakes.  As you begin to make changes in your life, as you begin to make new choices, resistance will show up. Resistance will ask you to stop, go back, and to stay in familiar territory. When you notice this has happened, choose grace over shame. Shame will keep you moving backward. Grace will help you begin again.

Practice with Persistence

While it may be easy to practice something new temporarily, creating the life you desire requires both persistence and practice. Persistence will keep you connected to your intention even when it would be much easier to return to familiar patterns. Practice will remind you that you aren’t perfect and that mistakes will happen (probably more often than you would like to admit). When you realize you have fallen back into familiar patterns, your intention will fuel your ability to persist and practice new ways. 

Wouldn’t it be a shame for this time to have passed only to find ourselves stuck in the same behaviors we want to change? I think we owe it to ourselves, to our families, and to all who may be suffering through this to choose something more.

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