2020 The Highs and the Lows

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While 2020 brought forth circumstances none of us were prepared for, I feel tremendous gratitude as I sit here in reflection. At the beginning of the year, I took the time to create my Inner Goals and Outer Goals.

As this year comes to a close, I’d like to share my goals and briefly recap on how things turned out for me:

Inner Goals of 2020

Meditate everyday for 7 minutes

I achieved this goal most days, but definitely not everyday. Some days it was a struggle to get in the seven minutes, other days I was able to stretch the time and do yin yoga or a guided meditation. I found that it was more important to be mindful rather than rigid with this goal. I offered myself grace on the days it didn’t happen and rejoiced on the days it did.

Get out in nature twice a month

When I set this goal, I imagined that I would get out for hikes and exploration. I didn’t really do that this year. Instead, I took up golfing, and I joined a women’s nine hole league. The league had me out on the golf course once a week from May through October. This became a way to be out in nature that I never considered when I set my goal. It also allowed me to learn something new, delight in being a beginner, and make friends. Golfing was the one thing I could do around others during social distancing and still feel somewhat normal.

Pilates practice three times a week

I ebbed and flowed through this goal. Some weeks I practiced almost everyday. Other weeks I didn’t practice at all. The highlight for me was when I was able to take weekly lessons via ZOOM with Connie Borho, my favorite Pilates instructor who lives in Florida.

Walk for 30 minutes or more each day

This goal was almost met. There were a handful of days when I couldn’t get a walk in, but I imagine I hit this goal minus 30 days or so. Walking Mikey was the one thing I could do normally during quarantine. Being out with him each day fed my soul and kept me feeling “normal” during quarantine. I must say, the trails were quite crowded during quarantine and this took some adjusting on my part. I was used to having the paths all to myself.

Practice active listening everyday

Sometimes I am really good at this. Other times, not so much. Let’s say this goal is a work in progress…

Practice yoga three times a week

This goal evolved in a way I could not have imagined last January. I’m not sure how much yoga practice I got in each week before March. Once quarantine began, I was inspired to teach yoga on Facebook LIVE. Teaching on social media required me to do the classes as I taught. This is something I had never done in the past. One of the blessings of quarantine was being able to practice, teach, and share all at the same time.

Write for 30 minutes each day

I started off strong then fizzled out on this goal. My writing style seems to be more procrastinate then write at the drop of a pin to make your deadline. I am actually writing this blog under these circumstances.

Outer Goals of 2020

Read a book cover to cover

This may seem like an easy goal, but I have not read a book cover to cover in a VERY long time. Most of the books I read are for enrichment and learning. I read books as a resource rather than for pleasure. In fact, I have not read a fictional story in years. That all changed this Spring. My friend, Susie, of Luxurious Travels started a virtual book club and I actually read ONE of the books cover to cover! Trouble the Water, was the first book of fiction I have read in longer than I can remember!  It took me the whole summer and a bit into the fall, but I DID IT!

Teach 10 hours a week

COVID allowed me to start teaching in my home studio. Once quarantine lifted and we moved to “Safer at Home” conditions, I felt comfortable inviting neighbors into my home for Pilates. I am grateful for having the opportunity to teach ten hours a week, help my neighbors in their wellness journeys, and ace this goal!

Go paddle boarding

This goal did not happen. Maybe 2021?

Write one blog a week


Take a trip to wine country

Thanks to COVID, this goal did not happen.

Launch PeaceFull Living website

This goal brings me pride and joy. The fact that I achieved my goal brings me great gratitude. I am so pleased with the beauty of PeaceFullLiving.com and will updating it soon for 2021.

Launch PeaceFull Living podcast

While I imagined I would create a podcast at the beginning the year, I am proud to say I created something even better. In July 2021, I launched PeaceFull Living TV. This on-demand video library offers yoga and meditation videos by subscription. The best part is that I have been able to create and share PeaceFull Living TV with my son, Connor. His editing talents have made the whole library possible and I am tremendously proud of our work.

Farewell to 2020

As I complete this blog, I will turn the page to 2021. I look forward to creating new Inner Goals and Outer Goals and seeing what the new year brings.


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    Words like resolution have multiple meanings and maybe this gives its use a little wiggle room so we might later say, “well, at least I tried,” or “I did say what I wanted out loud?” But if we look at its latin origin; resolvere, it means to loosen or release. I looked up the word and its basic definition is about determination and intention. I can hear hope, trying and maybe wishful thinking, but not loosen or release. Resolution also means “a conversion of something abstract into another form; a gradual resolution of an uncertain feeling into a named emotion.” An uncertain inflammation of the body resolves itself, discord in a music piece resolves back to concord and harmony is restored and my favorite, “seeing the details previously obscured,” are different ways of expression resolution. We used to have to rotate an antenna to clear up the picture and now we have an automatic system in a high resolution TV that does it for us; no work, no fuss, and no stress. A human being has to be willing to work, to potentially get upset and feel the stress of a new way of being to get from where they are to the place they want to be. If the expression of a resolution is a declaration of what is, shall be no more or shall be from now on, then we may just have created something risky as Andre Gide said, “one does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” To release ourselves from what we know and create something new for our lives is risky business. ‘Well, I didn’t mean that, not something so big as that, no, no, no. Oh, but there you have gone and done and said it out loud and we heard you!’ (whispered) You’re going to need help from your friends, your crew, your family and oh yes, from up above. 🙂

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