Introducing PeaceFull Living TV

by Roberta Whitney Hughes, Founder of PeaceFull Living and PeaceFull Living TV.

One year ago, I had the vision for PeaceFull Living. I dreamed of writing blogs, recording a Podcast, and creating yoga and meditation videos that could reach many people. During quarantine, I was able to teach yoga classes on Facebook LIVE. When I taught a live class, I recorded the audio. With my son’s help, I was able to edit the audio and record videos. Over the past three months, Connor and I have created twelve videos. These videos are now available by subscription on PeaceFull Living TV!

For Everyone

PeaceFull Living TV is my way of sharing yoga and meditation with all people who have the desire to relax, breathe, and feel better. If you want to relax and feel less stressed, PeaceFull Living TV has a class for you. In fact, many people simply listen to the classes when they go for a walk, when they are working at their desk, or even when commuting to and from work. My voice is here to help you feel better. Take some time for you. Enjoy this opportunity to listen, relax, and let go of stress.

When you become a member of PeaceFull Living TV, you become a member of a community. I am always here to listen and support you however I can. I will help you choose the videos that will meet your needs and help you fit them into your life.

Isn’t it time to take care of you?


PeaceFull Living TV offers videos on demand. You can access the videos from your computer, phone, or tablet. Simply log in and you have access to videos that will help you relax. Choose from these categories: Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Guided Meditation, Zen Break, Soul Flow, and Gentle Yoga.

Yin Yoga – A passive practice where you become still, breathe, and stay in poses while learning basic meditation skills.

Gentle Yoga– Poses that are gentle in nature with a focus on breathing and alignment.

Guided Meditation– An extended time to feel calm and peaceful as you get comfortable and listen.

Zen Break– Short meditations that you can do anywhere to help reset your focus and let go of stress.

Soul Flow– Experience devotion in motion as you flow through yoga poses and breathe to embody the art of centering and contemplation.

Pilates Mat– Exercises to develop stability, strength, and flexibility for the whole body.

Hand Crafted and Homemade

The best thing about PeaceFull Living TV is that each video is 100% homegrown. From pre-production to post-production, every part has been created and crafted by Connor and me. While there may be imperfections, we have both put our hearts, time, and creativity into bringing a bit of peace and stress relief directly to you, wherever you may be.

About Me

I have been a yoga practitioner since 1992, a yoga teacher since 1998, and a Pilates practitioner and student since 2010. My philosophy is that with the proper training and body awareness, all people have the ability to achieve their health and wellness goals, live without pain, reduce the impact of stress, and obtain the highest quality of life.

In July 2020, after COVID-19 changed the way we can connect with people for yoga, Pilates, and wellness, I created PeaceFull Living TV. This video on-demand platform allows me to share yoga, Pilates, and meditation with all people who have the desire to relax, breathe, and feel better. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, PeaceFull Living TV has a class for you. I hope you will join my community and bring PeaceFull Living TV into your home.

I Get It

I understand how intimidating it can be to walk into a yoga class and see picture perfect bodies in perfect yoga poses.This often turns people away because they compare themselves to others. Consider this. By nature, yoga is not a practice that excludes people. The word yoga actually means union. This means that yoga brings us together. It creates unity within ourselves and with others. Yoga is for EVERYbody, including you.


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