Not Black Friday

I have never liked the term “Black Friday.” I also never liked what the day represented

I think Black Black Friday began as a day of joy and excitement. It was the day after Thanksgiving and stores offered great specials. People would sleep in a bit then meet up with friends to look for the perfect gift for the people they love. Over time, Black Friday somehow morphed into a shopping frenzy. People became frantic about getting things at the lowest price. They stood in line and rushed in when doors opened. Then, stores began to open the night of Thanksgiving,  making it impossible for families to celebrate together.

As the holidays approach, I keep seeing other businesses already advertising their Black Friday deals. While it is in my heart to offer a special discount on PeaceFull Living TV subscriptions, it is not in my heart to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon.

Thankful Thursday

So, I am starting a new tradition this year. Instead of Black Friday, keep an eye out for Thankful Thursday. Special pricing on subscriptions to PeaceFull Living TV will begin on Thanksgiving morning and remain active through Monday night. Take your time to enjoy the special offer and share it with your friends and family.

If you’ve been following the creation of PeaceFull Living TV, you know how proud I am of the video library. Each video is a homegrown creation by me and my oldest son. We have done every ounce of work together. The time we get to spend working on the post-production process is priceless.

Thankful For You

PeaceFull Living TV has helped people let go of stress and feel more relaxed. I have even had people confess that they haven’t had time to try the classes, but they play the videos while they are doing other things. They like the sound of my voice, and say they feel more calm just by listening to the videos.

I  would love nothing more than for every person to experience peace and love in their heart, especially during the holiday season. I am thankful for each and every subscriber. Please reach out to me at any time if you need recommendations on which videos will help you most.

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    The rush to consume. The rush to have what is thought to be scarce, but what is created is less time with family. Time with family will one day seem like we didn’t get enough and we will wonder where the time went. Retailers create reasons to pay attention, but years later what do we want more of, the special toy there weren’t enough of or those little hands which now are farther away? Ignore the impulse, take your time and hold those little hands.

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