Welcome Soul Flow Yoga to PeaceFull Living TV


An Introduction to Kristin and Soul Flow Yoga

by Roberta Whitney Hughes, Founder of PeaceFull Living and PeaceFull Living TV

I have a dear love for vinyasa yoga. A little more than ten years ago, I met Kristin Gibowicz who was teaching at CorePower Yoga and LifeTime Fitness. She quickly became one of my favorite instructors. I walked away feeling nourished and inspired each time I took her class.

Just before Christmas, I felt a tug in my heart to reconnect with Krisitn. After a long conversation and catching up, I invited her to join PeaceFull Living TV. Her beautiful energy and practice felt like the missing piece on PeaceFull Living TV. 

Please join me as I welcome Kristin Gibowicz and Soul Flow Yoga to PeaceFull Living TV.

What is Soul Flow?

Soul Flow Vinyasa classes weave a theme inspired by Biblical scripture through the art of contemplation. Kristin guides her students to experience centering, breath, longer holds, and functional movement to challenge and strengthen all planes of motion needed to maintain a healthy body. As you flow through postures, you will experience the beautiful exchange of energy as you breathe in the Breath of Life.  

This month, Kristin will lead a four-class series focusing on Vitality & Wisdom. Tune in to PeaceFull Living TV each week to practice with Kristin.

  • January 7: The Breath of Life 
  • January 14: The Divine Exchange
  • January 21: God-breathed
  • January 28: Living and Active

About Kristin

Hi, I’m Kristin! I am wife and a mom of three girls. I’m a big fan of movement, mountains, beaches, books, laughter, and labradoodles. I found yoga after suffering from a dark season that included back surgery, disappointment, and depression. Through my journey, I learned that breath, movement, and meditation were key to my healing. The yoga community, with people from all faiths, backgrounds, and walks of life, taught me to embrace my sense of belonging, celebrate my uniqueness, and foster my gift of teaching. My yoga mat continues to serve as a breathing space where I can hear the whispers of God amidst the chaos of my thoughts.

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