Mystic & Boysen Go to the Dentist


When my boys were small, we spent hours each day reading books. Some of my favorite outings with them, especially in the wintertime, was to go to the local bookstore. We would spend time looking for new books then play with the trains. After paying for our books, we would get hot chocolates and sit down to read before heading back home. Some of my fondest memories of being a mom are around reading. We read at nap time; we read at bedtime. Throughout the day and well into their middle school years, books and story time brought us together.

Last year, I was so excited when my friend Kimberly released her first children’s book, Mystic and Boysen Go to the Dentist. I love this book! It is a story of friendship, trust, and overcoming fear. Whether you have small children or not, this story is sure to warm your heart and leave you feeling hopeful that when all else fails, there is beauty in our friendships and teamwork helps us all overcome our fears.

This December, I am proud to be releasing the audio version of Mystic and Boysen Go to the Dentist on PeaceFull Living TV! What a perfect gift for the people in your life with young children. Children will be able to play the video and read along with me. Parents can also play the Sleep Track and Mystic and Boysen Go to the Dentist will play over and over again until their little ones nod off into the land of sleep and rest.

Visit Amazon to order your copy of Mystic and Boysen Go to the Dentist.

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