Mystic and Boysen Visit the Reindeer Stables


We have added a new category to PeaceFull Living TV: PeaceFull Stories and I am so excited to share it with you!!!

When my children were small, one of our favorite things to do was read together. We read throughout the day. The boys even took little cardboard books with them in the car. As we drove out for errands, they happily entertained themselves. I always read to the boys at bedtime. We cuddle in my bed together and I would read until they were nodding off. After putting them in bed, I would play stories on their CD player (yes, a CD player). While the story played on repeat, I used the time to practice Yin Yoga. I had some time to rest and restore as they drifted off into slumberland.

Books and stories have left a legacy of peaceful memories in my mommy heart; I want to share this legacy with with you and your family.

PeaceFull Stories will offer sleep stories for children as well as a read-along option for children to follow the story when you buy the book for them. (Hint, Hint)… 

I am excited to introduce my first sleep story: Mystic and Boysen Visit the Reindeer Stables. Written by Kimberly Griffiths, my college roommate and dear friend, this is a story of friendship and the true spirit of Christmas. Mystic and Boysen learn that good deeds and kindness are the magic that make Christmas a season of joy.

Later this week, the read-along version will be available, so be sure to order your copy so your children can read along and put the true meaning of Christmas in their hearts.

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