Mother’s Day Gift Guide

by Roberta Whitney Hughes, founder of PeaceFull Living and PeaceFull Living TV

Perhaps the greatest title I have earned in this lifetime is MOM. As a mom, I have not always loved myself. I have put my kid’s (and everyone else, for that matter) first. It is a natural rite of passage for every mom to go through the metamorphosis of learning how to stand in your greatness AND be the best mom you can be for your children. I understand what it feels like to lose a sense of yourself, to go to bed each night wondering if you could have done a better job, to punish yourself for losing your temper and getting angry. Being a mom is a lifelong journey filled with triumphs and failures, laughter and tears, exhaustion and exhilaration.

With Mother’s Day a few weeks away, it is time to celebrate the moms in your life, including yourself. I believe every mom has earned a little pampering and I am excited to share some of my favorite ways to pamper with you.


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  1. Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer This tinted moisturizer has an SPF of 20. It is light enough to reapply through the day. I like to apply Dew Skin with my fingers to get into all the nooks and crannies, especially in my ears and behind my ears. When finished, I use a foundation brush to buff and polish the finish. Mom won’t need any powder to overlay with the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. It is perfect for no makeup days and will leave mom’s face glowing and smooth.
  2. Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick This lipstick feels more like a nourishing balm than a lipstick. The color applies light enough to add a sheer tint to mom’s lips. She can build up the color for a statement lip or layer with a lipgloss for a simple summer glow. I love the Twig and the Sheer. I use the Sheer now in place of my old chapstick. The natural vanilla added to this lipstick makes it a yummy treat on mom’s lips and on her water bottle.
  3. Beyond Gloss For years I have invested money in lip glosses and wasted it. I am so picky about how things feel on my lips. The lip glosses I have tried over the years have all been sticky to the point I can hardly stand it. Beyond Gloss has solved this problem for me! It is silky, nourishing, and wears off without leaving a white line along the inside of my lips. The brush is flexible and double-sided. When you pull out the brush, there is plenty of gloss for your upper lip and lower lip. Every mom needs a few of these to toss in a purse, keep in the car, and in her beauty drawer.
  4. Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel Depending on her needs and skin type, Mom can use this once a week or every night. A nightly treatment will reduce age spots, scarring from blemishes, malasma, and fine lines. If Mom has sensitive skin, she can get the same results from a weekly or bi-weekly treatment. The Skin Resurfacing Peel goes on at night after cleansing and prepping the skin. Mom will patiently let it dry (extending her “me time” in the bathroom, then follow with her favorite overnight moisturizer. The peel will work its magic while Mom sleeps and she will wake up with that fresh, just-had-a-facial feel.
  5. Counter+ Charcoal Facial Mask This mask is a treat for Mom’s skin. It will purify, smooth, and calm her skin. The natural clay minimizes the size of pores and pulls out extra oil from the skin. The charcoal mask is also a perfect spot treatment for blemishes or oily areas. Mom will love her at-home facial using the Charcoal Mask while she soaks in the tub followed by the Skin Resurfacing Peel before bed. Mom’s skin will feel smooth, hydrated and exfoliated in the morning.


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  1. Iana Sweater- The Iana has become a personal favorite of mine. It is super lightweight and still feels warm. It folds up small enough to fit into a shoulder bag, carry on bag, or pool bag. If Mom lives in a hot climate, the Iana is perfect to keep in the car. She can take it into the store to keep warm in highly air conditioned areas. She can drop into the backseat when she comes out of the air conditioning and into the heat. Mom can wear the Iana to the pool as a beautiful cover up the take it on the plane or in the car for her next vacation. The Iana comes in S/M, L/XL, and 1X/2X making it is easy to fit Mom.
  2. Amber Wrap The Amber Wrap has a thicker weave compared to the Iana Sweater. It folds up like a small blanket and is the size of a large blanket scarf with two armholes. If Mom is seeking more warmth in air conditioning, on the plane, or sitting around the fire on cool evenings, the Amber wrap is a perfect choice. I wear mine on teaching days to cover up when my body cools down. It is also the perfect size for Mom to cover her whole body in savasana and Guided Meditation. Maybe Mom needs a firm, folded blanket for her Yin Yoga practice? The Amber Wrap will do the trick!

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