Manduka Yoga Mat and Props

I first learned about Manduka in 2002 when I began my 50 hour yoga teacher training at Santa Barbara Yoga Center. The training was led by Erich Schiffmann. Each day, he walked in with his original black mat, rolled it out, and sat down with his Starbucks to begin teaching.

Erich is over 6 feet tall. Unlike most yoga mat, his black mat was long enough for his body. In class, someone asked him how he found a mat that was long enough for a person over 6 feet tall. He told us about Manduka and the black mat (now known as the PRO Original Mat).

It wasn’t until 2007 that I purchased a Manduka mat. The price felt like a splurge and it took me a long time to choose to make the investment. I was a certified yoga instructor. Choosing a yoga mat was like a runner choosing a pair of shoes. After five years of practicing and teaching yoga, I had worn through several mats. It was time to invest in a high quality mat that would last.

In 2020, Manduka continues to expand their product line. The company holds high standards for quality. They also invest in keeping a small environmental footprint for each product they manufacture and sell.

Top Reasons Why I Love Manduka (from

  • The PRO line of mats are made from the highest quality PVC on the planet, manufactured emissions-free and guaranteed for life. This mat will never wear out.
  • You can get a free recycling kit for your old mat when you order a Manduka mat.
  • Their Yoga Mat Vision Statement isĀ Invest well. Practice forever.
  • They added a line of eKo Mats to their product line. The eKo mat is made from biodegradable natural tree rubber, manufactured with zero waste and with no harmful plasticizers.
  • All of the Manduka mats are free of toxic chemicals, dyes and phthalates, which disrupt your hormone balance.
  • Manduka has a beautiful selection of Yogitoes to protect you from slipping. They are made from (no fewer than) 8 discarded plastic bottles, woven into 50% recycled poly yarn content and require 2/3 less energy to produce.
  • Manduka makes yoga blocks from sustainable cork or 50% post-consumer recycled EVA foam.
  • They fill their meditation cushions with sustainable organic buckwheat hulls.
  • Manduka weaves their bolsters with post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • The company uses 100% natural unbleached cotton or 100% recycled spun polyester to manufacture their yoga straps.


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