"Meditation is one aspect of mindfulness, but mindfulness can also extend into every moment of our lives... Mindfulness is an ongoing practice that deeply enriches every aspect of our human experience, and is a practice we can cultivate for the duration of our lives."

– Camilla Sanderson, The Mini Book of Mindfulness

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I love to get quiet and just be. I know that many people do not share this love. In fact, for many people, getting quiet can feel intimidating and scary. When we get quiet on the outside, our brains can get really LOUD on the inside. This is what makes meditation hard and is why most people don’t meditate.

In today’s busy world, a meditation practice offers time to quiet the mind, connect to the breath, and connect with your emotions. The benefits of meditation include improved concentration and communication, reduced anxiety and reactivity, improved social skills and healthier relationships, lower blood pressure, reduced risk for heart attack or stroke, and improved self-awareness.

My daily meditation practice has helped me create the life I want to live, stay focused on my goals, let go of negative thinking, recover from surgeries, release stress, and strengthen my ability to listen to my inner teacher. Through my practice, I have developed empathy. I understand that meditation is not an easy practice. I also understand that it can feel scary and intimidating for people who are new to the practice.

I believe that just like you train your body to run a 5K, you can train your brain to meditate. Just like it’s virtually impossible to go from being a sedentary person who doesn’t exercise, to running a mile without stopping, it is almost impossible to go from not meditating to sitting in meditation for an hour. It is my passion and purpose to help teach people how to make friends with their busy minds so that they can get quiet and be more comfortable in the stillness.

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