Top Ten Things I Started Doing Because of COVID

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We have passed the six month mark of COVID-19. Like you, I was hopeful that the virus would be dormant by now. I was hopeful the risk would be much lower than it is now, and I was hopeful that a treatment would be widely available.

Unfortunately, the risk of COVID remains high; there is not a specific or widespread treatment for the virus. Although a vaccine may be a distant possibility, I remain hopeful and optimistic.

The human spirit gives me hope. I witness resiliency in my kids. They are adapting to new ways of attending school and getting a good education. In the business world, I notice companies creating new ways to do work and keep their employees connected. In my little town, I am aware of business owners who have become more innovative in how they deliver goods and services to their customers. 

As I look around, my spirits are lifted because I see the resiliency, innovation, and ingenuity that have risen in COVID’s trail. What I realize is that COVID has caused all of us to reinvent the way we do things. In many ways COVID has been inconvenient and oppressive for all of us. However, I have realized that there are many great things I am now doing in my home and work life that may have never manifested if COVID hadn’t interrupted my patterns.

In no particular order, these are the top ten practices I adopted because to COVID:

Using cloth napkins

This may not seem like a huge deal, but using cloth napkins is so much more enjoyable than using paper napkins. We are not wasting as much paper and mealtime feels a little more special.

Eating at home more than dining out

Before COVID, we were eating at restaurants several times a week and picking up taking out several more times each week. We now eat 80% of our meals at home and feel like the meals we prepare are just as delicious (if not better) than what we were getting from restaurants. 

Spending more time in meditation, prayer, and journaling

Up until six months ago, I spent most of my time in my car. Whether I was driving to work, driving to run errands or to appointments, or driving to meet friends, I spent at least three hours a day in my car. Being in transit didn’t allow me time for the practices that help me feel peaceful.

Teaching Pilates lessons on FaceTime

I started to teach private lessons on FaceTime in May. Until I gave it a try, I had no idea how productive a 30 minute session could be for a client. I love teaching virtual sessions and they work so well for my clients who are juggling work at home, kids at home, and the day to day bustle of life.

Teaching weekly classes on Facebook Live

In March when we began quarantine, I chose to teach free yoga and meditation classes on Facebook Live. This became my way of connecting to a community of people and giving back during a tough time. I enjoy teaching in this format so much that I have continued it after quarantine and plan to keep it as part of what I do each week.

Creating yoga and meditation videos with my son

The live classes on Facebook allowed me to create the content for the videos that now live on PeaceFull Living TV. With my son’s editing skills, we edited the audio, recorded the video, then merged everything together. We continue to create content each month, and the whole process brings me joy.

Playing golf

When the quarantine lifted, I was quite nervous about getting out into public places again. Golf was a sport I had been wanting to learn. With the time available, I joined a women’s recreational league and began to take lessons. Week by week, I made a little progress. Most of all, I realized how much I loved having an activity where I could be out in nature, feel comfortable being near people, and learn something new.

Teaching clients in my home studio

I realized how much I love teaching and how much I hated living in my car. Beginning to teach from home has been a wonderful fit for me. I am able to balance teaching around my family and I don’t have to be in my car every day.

Spending more time supporting my immune system

I have learned many new practices including dry brushing and Gun Sha to stimulate and support my immune system. I spend time each day in practices that support immunity and my body feels healthier than ever before.

Making time for hobbies

Now that I am home more, I have been finding the time to read, bake, take longer walks, go on bike rides, play golf and enjoy wine on my patio. Overall, I feel less stressed than I did six months ago and my hobbies bring me joy.

I have made peace with the idea that COVID isn’t going away anytime soon. Considering the possibility that life may never go back to normal no longer worries me. Instead of waiting for things to go back, I choose to move forward. It is much more empowering to live each day to it’s fullest capacity rather than to wishing conditions could be different than they are.

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