Serenity Series June 2020- Whole and Complete

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It has been a gift to start creating, producing and releasing yoga and meditation videos with my son. Stay at home orders gave us the time we needed to take a dream and make it a reality. Today, I am thrilled to release my second Serenity Series. 

The June Serenity Series includes four yoga and meditation videos created with the intention “I feel whole and complete in the center of my being.”

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Body Scan Meditation (8 minutes)

Short on time? I will guide you through a simple technique to focus your mind, connect to your breath, and let go of tension. By focusing your concentration on the Body Scan, your mind will let go of thoughts and feel clear and centered at the end of the practice.

Yin Yoga: Whole and Complete (40 minutes)

This Yin Yoga sequence helps the body become grounded and balanced. The more grounded you are, the less stress and anxiety you experience. All postures are gentle on the body, allowing the mind to focus on the guided meditation. As a result, you will restore balance in your body and feel peaceful .

Gentle Yoga: Whole and Complete (43 minutes)

With a focus on lengthening and twisting the spine, this gentle yoga sequence will invigorate the digestive system and move lymph through the body. Moving lymph keeps your immune system strong. By releasing toxins, you eliminate stagnation. This practice will help your body move with ease and will help your mind let go of tension.

Guided Meditation: Whole and Complete (15 min)

It’s time to rest. All you need to do is get comfortable and listen. I will guide you through a visual meditation to help your mind relax. You will feel rested, peaceful, and energized at the end of this meditation.

Whole and Complete will be released June 2, 2020.

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